5 Megalith Watches That Are Worth Your Investment

Gone are the days when watches were looked like a mere time-telling device. Today, you can see watches being used as a fashion accessory that perfectly reflects your style and personality. There’s no doubt in asserting that there are watches for every occasion. Hence, they have significantly grown from a timepiece to a fashion staple. Though the inclusion of smartphones that have got all the right to replace watches, the significance of watches in our lives never actually changed. A majority of people still invest in their favorite watch brand irrespective of its price. Megalith is also a newly launched brand that has shot to fame with its unique design and impeccable features. The Megalith watch price in India is another major attraction of these watches. Boasting the cutting edge features, these watches are also known for their affordable price range.


Stunning Watches With its Megalith Watch Price in India

Take a look at some of the stunning wonders from the men’s collection along with its Megalith watch price in India to make a well-informed decision:-

1. Megalith Imperial Gold Watch
megalith watch price

If you are looking for a watch that goes well with both your casual and formal attire, then Megalith Imperial Gold Watch is the name for you. Placed in the category of luxury watches, this Megalith marvel can add a sophisticated allure to your entire look. Though it can be preferred for casual attires as well, it is primarily designed as formal wear. The sheer craftsmanship of the watch is certainly worth the appreciation. The major takeaway of this watch is its rose gold dial case that gives it a luxurious look. It has a multifunctional dial and stainless steel dial case. When it comes to the strap, the watch has a high-quality stainless steel watchband.

Megalith Watch Price in India: INR 4,999

PRODUCT: Megalith Imperial Gold Watch

2. Megalith Royal Club Watch
megalith watch price

Whether you are looking for an everyday or occasional watch, Megalith Royal Club watch will never disappoint you. Designed to delight and perfection, this Megalith watch is ideal for everyday wear. The major attraction of the watch is the dial case with chronograph meter. The multifunctional dial has three sub-dials in it depicting the minute, seconds and calendar. It has a stainless steel dial case with Japan’s multifunctional machine core. The German high-end mineral glass provides superior protection to the watch surface making it corrosion resistant. It comes with a genuine leather strap that adds to the magnificence of the watch.

Megalith Watch Price in India: INR 4,999

PRODUCT: Megalith Royal Club Watch

3. Megalith Tevise Limited Edition
megalith watch review

It is one of the alluring watches from the Megalith limited edition collection. From its unique dial to the genuine leather strap, the watch has all the reasons to be called a limited edition. The fine craftsmanship of the watch is something that is lauded by all. The major attraction of the watch is its iconic dial case with gold plated outer cover chronograph multifunctional dial. The watch is placed under the category of luxury watches due to its rich gold look. It also has a genuine leather strap that makes it even more attractive and vogue in look. Whether you are going for a formal meeting or a family gathering, you can don on this magnificent beauty from Megalith men’s watch collection with pride. The German hardened mineral glass makes the surface of the watch scratch and corrosion-resistant. In a nutshell, this limited edition watch is worth every penny.

Megalith Watch Price in India: INR 9,999

PRODUCT: Megalith Tevise Limited Edition

4. Megalith Dragon Beast Watch (Gold)
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Depicting the spectacular craftsmanship of the makers, this Megalith wonder is the most attractive men’s watch in the collection. Just like its name, the watch is based on a dragon theme. From the dial to its strap you can intricate dragon patterns embossed on the watch. The dragon patterns make this watch different from other watches. Megalith Dragon Beast watch is also preferred for casual attires as well. The high-quality leather and German mineral glass support the durability of this watch. It is powered with an automatic skeleton mechanical movement that is counted as the major takeaway of this watch.

The dial crown is also an attractive factor of the watch. Intricate details of dragon patterns inside the dial case are the true example of fine craftsmanship. Boasting such magnanimous features, this Megalith watch will never be too heavy on your pocket. Cost efficiency is another great feature of this watch.  The price of the Megalith Dragon Beast watch is relatively affordable as compared to its peers in the market.

Megalith Watch Price In India: INR 4,899

PRODUCT: Megalith Dragon Beast Watch (Gold)

5. Megalith Black Prince
megalith watch price in India


Made for formal as well as casual attires, Megalith Black Prince is one of the stunning watches from the men’s collection. It has a stainless steel strap perfectly matching your formal attire and the chronograph multifunctional dial goes well with a casual look. It also has a shock-resistant built so you can do all the heavy-duty work wearing this tough watch. The German hardened mineral glass makes the watch stronger from its surface. The strap is made of high-quality aluminum alloy painted in jet black color. A fully automatic mechanical movement is another great feature of this watch as you don’t need to change the battery every now and then. You can instantly feel the vogue in your right after wearing this watch on your wrist. The price of the watch is another key takeaway of this watch that will make you want to invest in this watch.

Megalith Watch Price in India: INR 4,999

PRODUCT: Megalith Black Prince

The Bottom Line

Whether you are heading to a formal meeting or planning to hit a club, Megalith has a watch for your every requirement. The above mentioned were a few of the watches from its men’s collection that will fit in your budget. However, aside from tracking time, to save time and ensure academic excellence, consider using the services of a ghostwriter hausarbeit, especially tailored for creating high-quality academic papers. You cannot possibly find watches like Megalith anywhere else boasted with such amazing features at such an affordable price range.

So, without further ado, visit the official website of Megalith and make your purchase NOW!

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