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Practical Linux for Network Engineers: Part 1 Online Class LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda com

However, You can customize your machine to use a 1TB PCIe SSD for an extra $150. The quality of Dell hardware it’s based on makes it a good choice for a base system, given its very affordable price. Each Linux distribution typically has its package management system, which facilitates the installation, update, and removal of software packages. This allows users to easily customize their system by installing additional software or updating existing packages.

The best Linux PC in 2024: desktop PCs with Linux pre-installed

Its name is a tribute to late CentOS project co-founder Rocky McGaugh who has worked in high-performance computing for a long time. To run openSUSE optimally, you need 2 GB RAM, AMD64 or Intel64 processor, 5 GB of hard best linux for network engineers disk space. To use it properly, you need a minimum of 512 MB RAM, 9 GB hard disk space, and a modern processor. To make Debian run properly, you need a minimum of 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, and 10 GB of hard disk space.

Ubuntu Buzz !

The Android build is regularly tested using the most recent versions of Ubuntu. The distro’s official website hosts several tutorials, guides, and other resources aimed to impress the development and programming prowess of the distro. However, at its core, Linux still offers a thriving environment for coders and developers.

Linux Security and Hardening, The Practical Security Guide

The duration varies depending on your learning pace and prior knowledge. Typically, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fully grasp all the concepts. The latest versions of openSUSE can be run within the Windows 11 environment, although this isn’t something we’d recommend for beginners. If this wasn’t enough, the Fedora repositories also include Eclipse, a fully featured and multi-language IDE.

Start learning today.

I’ve used iperf many times to troubleshoot bandwidth issues, verify whether the ISP would honor the DSCP marking, and estimate the jitter value of VoIP traffic. Tcpdump is a great utility to troubleshoot network and application issues. For example, at remote sites connected with IPsec tunnels back to the main site, I was often able to figure out why some applications would make it through the tunnel and some wouldn’t. Specifically, I noticed that applications using the entire IP payload and also enabling the DF (don’t fragment) setting, would fail. CentOS is the go-to free clone of RHEL, which is the most prevalent distro used in business here in North America.

  1. It can also perform various tests like checking connectivity or bandwidth measurements.
  2. The company states on its support page that “if you purchase a computer and replace its operating system, then your warranty may require you to reinstall Windows if anything goes wrong.”
  3. Based on RHEL, CentOS is a perfect alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux since it is free to download and install.
  4. Another great alternative to your Windows experience is Elementary OS but on top of Linux.

As results, the router would return an ICMP packet with code “Can’t Fragment Error”, something that I found out with tcpdump. This guide covers the most essential Linux networking commands line tools. Mastery of these will enable you to effectively manage your Linux networks and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Network switches can be managed more effectively from a policy level with automation and orchestration tools like Puppet and Chef. Having the ability to access the native Linux operating system gives us great flexibility and opens the door to many new possibilities. Secondly, we can’t ignore the proliferation of Linux-based projects such as OpenStack, Docker, and Kubernetes and the impact they are having in the IT space. Having the ability to effectively troubleshoot basic Linux networking constructs is quickly becoming a must-have.

If purchased directly from HP, these can be added to the system configuration or purchased later from other online retailers like Newegg and CDW; search for “Flex IO.” Use this tool to assess the bandwidth available between two computers. You can pick between TCP or UDP traffic and set the destination port, bandwidth rate (if UDP is selected), DSCP marking, and TCP window size. With iperf you can also generate multicast traffic and test your PIM infrastructure.

Then through the Red Hats, Fedora Core, and then Fedora I got tired of upgrading every 6 months or so, on several machines and settled on an LTS distro. I’ve flirted with many distros over the last 20 years, but few have remained on the hard drive as daily drivers. But MX Linux has proved reliable over the last 6 months or so and I can’t see myself changing it. TecMint is the fastest growing and most trusted community site for any kind of Linux Articles, Guides and Books on the web. Networking amongst systems is essential for the exchange of information. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

The UDP iperf test can also be used to generate multicast traffic and test your PIM infrastructure. Like Android, it has the Google Play Store and other Google apps. Support for applications that require GNU compatibility is available through a virtual machine called Crostini and referred to by Google as Linux support, see Chromebook § Integration with Linux. For this reason, they tend to be the preferred choice in enterprise environments and mission-critical tasks. Raspberry Pi OS is a house operating system of Raspberry foundation and often ships pre-installed on Raspberry machines.

Jon Langemak is a Minnesota-based network architect with more than 10 years of experience designing, building, and maintaining networks. Jon’s main focus is on disruptive technology and trying to find ways to improve network operations. Outside of work, Jon blogs at and enjoys collaborating with others in the networking community on new ideas and concepts.

Of course, in addition to its own repositories, you can also access the comprehensive Arch User Repository (AUR) which houses all sorts of tools and libraries. Arch is a powerful distro that can be used to create a customized environment. You can escape the installation and still experience the best that Arch has to offer using Manjaro Linux. With the help of a whole set of custom tools and utilities, Manjaro takes the pain out of installing and administering an Arch-based system. In conclusion, HP needs to improve how its customers can purchase Linux-preloaded machines without much obfuscation and with better retail distribution.

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